#1161 Andy from Tainan

星期日, 8月 16, 2015

hey dude is me, surprise huh?
i remember we've set the secret word, but never get a chance to talk to you again, so i'm here to search you lol

i ensure you i won't hang out with you in the start of our conversation,
and i said if you wanna hook up with others you may leave,
yet you said you've already got someone, and you're here just for chit chat.

you asked what's my planing for vacation and interest, i keep saying about drinking, but i'm not a alcoholic,
then you went for shower, you're surprised i'm still there when you're back, you said i'm a nice girl haha, said no one wait for you before.
and the last of our conversation you ask for my Skype ID, however i said we can set the secret word to keep in touch fist, and when i get to know you more, we can add each other.

so our secret word is my name.
Too bad we couldn't have the second chance to talk,
you're a nice guy and willing to respect me, and being a good listener.
it will be awesome to talk to you again, though i still won't give you my imfo hahahaha
hope to reconnect you someday! best wishes form M.


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