#12465 Inside joke: Classic UA Shorts 90% off

星期五, 11月 17, 2017

I hope your college years go by quickly and you find something interesting other than seating for a long time. Like I said in the text, I know sometimes it freaks out but it was great talking with you. Being young is good but try to be nice, not mean :P Happy 22 years old, you've passed your forever 21 ha.

I am positive that you would recognize this title of classic UA shorts. The 90% discount is still surprising to me. You may have my passport anytime, and I am not joking.

I hope you receive this message, and I hope you receive the gift on Amazon...?
Don't get caught by the CDN government. CDN is rather new for me, I was only there for ~5 times :O I like this app because of you, it's a great app I would say. Only here for 2 days but I love WooTalk. I think I had a cheesy pick up line for a non-Taiwanese :) YOLO

Thank you WooTalk for connecting people. WooTalk is a brilliant app, so is Emma Stone (according to you, my friend).


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